The “ Urban Architecture & Innovative Metropolitan Mobility ” Sino-French Joint Workshop Finishes Up with A Perfect Ending!



The “ Urban Architecture & Innovative Metropolitan Mobility ” Sino-French joint workshop took place at CAUP Tongji University from 5th of April to 13th of April 2017. French and Chinese Master Students participated in the DMD programs of CAUP Tongji - ENSA Strasbourg and CAUP Tongji - ENSA Versailles, have joined the workshop.


Organised in the framework of the Innovative Metropolitain Mobility (CAUP-SYSTRA-ENSAS), this is the seventh urban design workshop initiated by ENSA of Strasbourg, yet it is for the first time that students from the three academic institutions (CAUP, ENSAS, ENSAV) work together on such an intensive design thinking experience.


The main topic of the workshop is the link between mobility infrastructures and qualitative public space in Shanghai 2040. Students’ work was supervised by several professors from the three participating schools (CAUP, ENSAS, ENSAV) together with professional engineers specialised in innovative mobility solutions (SYSTRA). A certificate of participation was delivered to all students that took part in this workshop.


A selection of the final posters of the workshop will be presented during the “Designing Shanghai 2040” exhibit which will take place in October-November 2017 in CAUP Tongji.