2017 Tongji International Construction Festival Successfully held at CAUP


For the purpose of inspiring young students’ creative potential, and to discover and foster design talents of imagination and innovative spirit, the 2017 Tongji International Construction Festival & 2017 “Fengyuzhu” Plastic Polypropylene Design and Construction Competition was successfully held at the square of College of Architecture and Urban Planning (CAUP) on June 10-11th, 2017.


The participants of this year consist of freshman from CAUP, College of Civil Engineering, College of Design and Innovation and College of Arts & Media of Tongji. Besides, 15 teams from other top Chinese architecture schools and 11 international teams attended the festival. 62 cardboard buildings were successfully constructed in total.


The number of international teams has increased compared to last year. The 11 teams include TU Graz from Austria, Mcgill University from Canada, Pusan National University from Korea, ENSAS Versailles from France, Bauhaus University Weimar from Germany, University of Hawaii and Georgia Institute of Technology both from the United States, UPC from Spain, Kyushu University from Japan, UIAV from Italy and Melbourne University from Australia, which are all the top architecture schools in Asia, North American, Europe and Oceania.


Due to the weather condition, the competition was held in two days. On June 10, 26 national and international teams completed their construction in the interior. 36 Tongji teams finished the competition at the outdoor square on June 11.

After two rounds of careful evaluation, the competition produced 4 first prize, 7 second prize, 10 third prize, 10 honor prize and 1 special nomination prize. 




First Prize

Tianjin University

Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Architecture de Versailles (France)

Tongji Architecture Class 1 (Team 3)

Tongji Landscape Studies Class 2 (Team 3)






Second Prize

TU Graz (Austria)

Chongqing University

Harbin Institute of Technology

Tongji Urban Planning Class 1 (Team 3)

Tongji Architecture Class 2 (Team 2)

Tongji Historical Architecture Conservation (Team 2)

Tongji Historical Architecture Conservation (Team 3)








Third Prize

Hunan University

Kyushu University (Japan)

University IUAV of Venice (Italy)

South China University of Technology

Tongji Architecture Class 1 (Team 1)

Tongji Urban Planning Class 1 (Team 1)

Tongji Architecture Class 3 (Team 1)

Tongji Architecture Class 4 (Team 2)

College of Civil Engineering, Tongji

Tongji Landscape Studies Class 1 (Team 1)










Honor Prize

Central Academy of Fine Arts

Dalian University of Technology

Kunming University of Science and Technology

Polytechnic University of Catalonia (Spain)

Tongji Urban Planning Class 1 (Team 2)

Tongji Architecture Class 5 (Team 3)

Tongji Urban Planning Class 2 (Team 2)

Tongji Urban Planning Class 2 (Team 3)

Tongji Architecture Class 2 (Team 3)

Tongji Historical Architecture Conservation UNSW (Team 1)

Special Nomination Prize

Tongji Architecture Class 3 (Team 2)