Forum Introduction

Tongji University is a university directly managed by the Organization Department of the CPC Central Committee and the Ministry of Education under the key construction of the national 985 and 211  Project. The College of Architecture and Urban Planning (CAUP) of Tongji University has a broad and profound historical foundation. Currently, CAUP consists of three departments including: Architecture, Urban Planning, and Landscape; three first-class Doctoral and Master's programs of Architecture, Urban and Rural Planning, and Landscape Architecture; three postdoctoral research stations of Architecture, Urban and Rural Planning, and Landscape Architecture ;five undergraduate majors of Architecture, Urban and Rural Planning, Landscape Architecture, Historic Building Conservation Engineering, and Urban Design. With its complete and systematic settings, CAUP has become one of the largest faculty among its peers, both domestically or internationally.

Architecture, Urban and Rural planning, and Landscape Architecture have all been selected as the top class subjects in the national “Double First-Class University” initiative. Urban and Rural planning, and Architecture are national key subjects, and Urban and Rural planning (including architecture and landscape architecture) has been selected as one of the Type I Core University Subject of Shanghai. In the 2022 QS rankings, Tongji University's Architecture and Built Environment subject ranked 13th in the world. CAUP currently has 20 teaching and research platforms, including 3 international, 3 national, and 14 provincial and ministerial platforms; it has 2 research institutions, which are Shanghai Tongji Urban Planning and Design Research Institute Co., Ltd. and Tongji University Architectural Design Research Institute (Group) Co., Ltd. Urban Architectural Design Institute.

This forum is aiming to fully implement the spirit of the Party's 20 Major principles, further implement the spirit of the Central Committee and the Shanghai Conference on Talent Work, comprehensively cultivate, introduce and make good use of talents, intensify efforts to attract overseas talents, and improve the comprehensive and in-depth understanding of the university for talents at home and abroad. Besides, this forum is aiming to build an academic exchange platform for outstanding young scholars abroad who have achieved good results in architecture, urban and rural planning, landscape architecture and related fields. Providing frontiers of international science and technology ideas through special reports, academic seminars and conferences, etc. Attract young talents to return to or work in China. Once confirmed, the young talents have the freedom to choose their research directions and carry out innovative research independently. The forum promotes rapid growth of young scientific and technological talents, cultivate a group of outstanding academic backbones who are expected to enter the forefront of world science and technology, and contribute to the construction of national scientific and technology.

Candidates who with post-doctoral/doctoral degree are sincerely expected to join CAUP:

Architecture: Design theory and methodology; Sustainable architecture and city design; Frontier methods and technology of urban design research; Design intelligence and digital fabrication; History, theory and criticism of architecture; Urban renewal and heritage conservation; Architectural technology and environmental settlement.

Urban and Rural Planning: Planning policy and urban and rural governance; Urban renewal and planning design; Urban and rural history and heritage conservation; Healthy urban environmental planning; Green and low-carbon transportation planning; Urban and rural infrastructure and resilience; Community and housing development.

Landscape Architecture: Landscape architecture history and theory; Landscape planning and design; Landscape engineering technology; Biodiversity conservation planning and management; Garden plants and urban ecosystem.



1. The participants are expected to have strong academic influence and competitive spirits, have obtained scientific research or technical achievements recognized by peer experts.

2. As a cohesive team within CAUP, the participants are expected to be strived to create a positive impact, and seeking to bring new ideas with multi-disciplinary approach.

3. Participants needs to be under the age of 40, with a doctoral degree, available to work full-time at Tongji.


March, 2023 | Online forum

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Please scan the QR code below to register, and send your CV (including personal photo, education, research experience, published papers, project information and academic awards etc.) to with email subject as “The 8th International Young Scholar Forum + your name” .


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