YAO Jiawei

Associate Professor

Room 413, Building C, CAUP, Tongji University

Research Fields:

Digital Design, Architecture Intelligence, Environment Performance Optimization

Research Profile:

Jiawei Yao is an academic researcher and architect, who recently focus on AI in Architecture, especially in the field of environment and energy performance optimization. He received his master and Ph.D from the University of Nottingham, UK during 2010 to 2016. After that, Yao started his Post-doctor in Prof. Philip F. Yuans research group in the College of Architecture and Urban Planning(CAUP) at Tongji University. Right now, he is an associate professor in CAUP, and received several national research funding. He has published more than 40 research papers in journals, including Building and Environment, while he served as a guest editor in BAE.

Grants and Awards:

1Research on Environmental Performance based Autonomous Intelligent Urban Morphology Design Method, NSFC, 2023.01 - 2026.12

2Sino-UK Joint Symposium on Post Novel Covid-19 Pandemic: A Reconsideration for the Built Environment, NSFC, 2021.01 - 2021.12

3Research on Wind Environment Performance-Oriented Generated Design Method for Spatial Form in Urban Central Areas, NSFC, 2020.01 - 2022.12

Current Courses

1. Advanced Debate on Digital Architectural Design Methodology in Diagram (seminar)

2. DigitalFUTURE Shanghai Joint Summer School Program (workshop)

3. Undergraduate Architecture Design studio


Huang Chenyu; Zhang Gengjia; Yao Jiawei*; Wang Xiaoxin; John Kaiser Calautit; Zhao Cairong; An Na; Peng Xi; Accelerated environmental performance-driven urban design with generative adversarial network, Building and Environment (SCI), 2022, 224, 109575.

Yao Jiawei; Yang Feng; Zhuang Zhi; Shao Yuhan; Yuan Feng*; The Effect of Personal and Microclimatic Variables on Outdoor Thermal Comfort: A Field Study in A Cold Season in Lujiazui CBD, Shanghai, Sustainable Cities and Society (SCI), 2018, (39): 181~188.

Yao Jiawei; Lin Yuqiong; Zheng Jingyun; Yuan Feng*; A Dynamic Form-Finding Approach to Environmental-Performance Building DesignInternational Journal of High-Rise Buildings, 2018, 7(2): 145~151.

Yao Jiawei; Zhang Yongming*; Yan Zhe; Li Li; A Group Approach of Smart Hybrid Poles with Renewable Energy, Street Lighting and EV Charging Based on DC Micro-Grid, Energies (SCI), 2019, 11, 3445.

Zhang Yongming; Yan Zhe; Li Li; Yao Jiawei*; A Hybrid Building Power Distribution System in Consideration of Supply and Demand-Side: A Short Overview and a Case Study, Energies (SCI), 11, 3082.

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