City University of Macau Visits CAUP


At 1:00 pm on December 30, Deputy Dean, Li Xiangning, and other faculties from the Department of Architecture, the Chinese-Portuguese Joint Laboratory and the International Cooperation Office received three guests of the Faculty of Innovation and Design of City University of Macau in the C1 meeting room, who are Wang Pohsun, Assistant Dean and Assistant Director of the Master’s Program,Zhou Long, Director of the Undergraduate Program, and Xing Yalong of the Lab.

At first, Li Xiangning extended a warm welcome to the three guests. Then Prof. Dai Shibing, Director of the Architecture Conservation Laboratory, introduced his main research and achievements in the field of restoration of built heritage materials. Moreover, Zhang Peng, Deputy Director of the Department of Architecture, gave an introduction of the teaching and scientific research in the field of historical building protection and heritage conservation.Later, Mr. Xing Yalong introduced the preparation status of the “The Chinese-Portuguese Joint Laboratory of Culture Heritage Conservation and Materials Analysis”. At last, the two sides further conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions on areas such as cooperative scientific research, joint teaching, and faculty exchanges.