【Lecture 04.06.2024】 Creative AI - From One to Many
Release time:2024-06-03

Creative AI - From One to Many


The lecture will explore the evolution of Creative AI, particularly in the context of design and creative industries, as it shifts from singular, general-purpose models to a diverse ecosystem of specialized, interconnected systems. This transition highlights Creative AI's transformative impact on various design domains, signaling a new era of innovation and creativity. The focus will be on forward-looking projects that illustrate this paradigm shift, demonstrating how AI is becoming an essential, collaborative partner in the design process, augmenting human creativity and pushing the boundaries of what is possible.

The discussion will address the unique challenges and strategies for integrating AI into the complex, multidimensional nature of design, emphasizing the importance of a multimodal approach that mirrors the richness and diversity of the design process itself. By showcasing examples of AI systems that operate at various levels of abstraction and across multiple modalities, the lecture will illustrate how Creative AI can be effectively tailored to the specific needs of different design contexts, enabling designers to explore a vast space of possibilities and uncover latent design conditions.

The implications of this shift will be considered, exploring how the synergistic collaboration between human designers and AI can lead to more innovative, efficient, and responsive design solutions. The lecture will also touch upon the potential impact of Creative AI on design education and practice, highlighting the need for new tools, methodologies, and ways of thinking that embrace the creative potential of human-machine collaboration.


Daniel Bolojan

Creative AI Lab

FAU School of Architecture

Daniel Bolojan is the Director of the Creative AI Lab and an Assistant Professor of AI and Computational Design at FAU School of Architecture, affiliate Faculty at FAU Center for the Future Mind, a Ph.D. candidate at Die Angewandte Vienna, and Senior Architect - Creative AI and Computational Design Specialist at CoopHimmelblau. As a leading voice in Creative AI within architectural realms, his research delves into the creation of deep learning strategies tailored specifically for architectural design. This groundbreaking work addresses the complexities of shared-agency, designer creativity, and the augmentation of design potency.

In his role as a Creative AI and Computational Design Specialist at Coop Himmelb(l)au, Daniel pioneered the development of the internationally award-winning DeepHimmelblau project. This innovative project was developed with the aim of augmenting design processes and enhancing designers' abilities, showcasing his expertise in leveraging cutting-edge technologies to transform architectural design.

In 2013, Daniel founded his own research studio, Nonstandardstudio, which operates at the confluence of several crucial domains, including creative AI, deep learning, computation, multi-agent systems, generative design, and algorithmic techniques. Through this studio, he continues to drive innovation and explore the untapped potential of these cutting-edge technologies in the realm of architecture.

June 04   19:00-21:25(UTC-+8) 

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