【Lecture 22.04.2024】 Change Makes Change
Release time:2024-04-18

Invited Lecture on the Elective Course Modern Housing Typology For Graduate Students

Change Makes Change

Mr.Jiang Qiu

Chief architect, Change Architects

External Faculty, Department of Architecture, Southeast University

Lecture Hall 1, Building D, CAUP of Tongii University

Bachelor of Urban Planning, Xi'an University of Architecture and Technology


The word Disjunction in the title of architect Bernard Tschumi's book ”Architecture and Disjunction“ is aptly applied to a breakthrough in the development of what is now an entrenched type of residential architecture. Unraveling the seemingly unbreakable connections between some of the elements of residential buildings and changing the way they relate to each other can be a very interesting way of exploring residential typologies.

Change Architects has always been committed to making designs that bring about changes in architecture, and residential building is one of them. We are always exploring possible disjunctions of residential buildings.

Time: April 22,2024 19:00-20:35PM

Venue: Lecture Hall 1, Building D, CAUP of Tongii University

Host Professor: Prof. Deng Feng

Assistant Teacher: Ms. Tang Mengying