Release time:2024-04-17

On April 11th, Tongji University successfully organized a series of events under the theme of TONGJI-TUM DAY. These included a formal welcome meeting between China and Germany, a comprehensive college tour, an insightful keynote lecture, and a captivating themed exhibition.


01 Welcome meeting

On April 11th, Dean WANG Lan attended a welcoming ceremony held in Room 103 of the Yifu Building. During the event, she introduced CAUP to the delegation and expressed her keen interest in exploring potential collaboration opportunities with the Technical University of Munich. WANG Lan anticipates enhancing future exchanges and interactions in order to achieve new heights in research collaboration and talent nurturing.



02 College Tour

After the discussion, the delegation from the Technical University of Munich embarked on a visit to CAUP. Vice Dean Philip F. Yuan showcased the Intelligent Construction Laboratory situated in the Wenyuan Building, highlighting how the college leverages advanced technology and artificial intelligence to enhance teaching and revolutionize educational methodologies. He emphasized that the college has been committed to integrating the latest technological and academic research advancements into teaching practices, with a focus on nurturing high-caliber talents equipped with innovative thinking and practical skills. The German delegation expressed keen interest in the Digital FUTURE Summer Camp.





03 Exhibition

The college actively participated in the preparation of the themed exhibition, entitled China-German Cooperation, Co-Creating the Future. The exhibition, which officially opened on April 11th at the Deutsche Bibliothek Library, showcased the rich and fruitful collaboration between Tongji University and the Technical University of Munich since 1995. Students from CAUP also attended the exhibition, which provided them with a profound understanding of the long-standing cooperation history with Germany. This experience further strengthened their resolve to pursue future studies and exchanges in Germany.




04 keynote Lecture: Universities, Drivers and Navigators of Era Change

Following the exhibition, 20 domestic and international students from CAUP were privileged to attend a captivating theme lecture titled Universities: Drivers and Navigators of Era Change. The lecture was delivered by President Thomas Hofmann of the Technical University of Munich. President Hofmann shared insights into the latest advancements at his institution and expounded on how leading universities worldwide actively serve as catalysts for innovation, fueling social transformation and economic progress. This lecture offered students an opportunity to experience the distinctive educational approaches of a prestigious European university.




TUM Introduction

The Technical University of Munich (TUM) is one of the members of the TU9 alliance of leading institutes of technology in Germany. Since 2006, it has been named as a University of Excellence in Germany.

CAUP and Technical University of Munichstarts exchange of undergraduate architecture program in October 2010. As of now, the college has accepted 49 students from the Technical University of Munich and sent out 58 students from Tongji University. Several professors from CAUP maintain close communication with professors from TUM, engaging in long-term exchanges and collaborations in fields such as digital fabrication, the laboratory for new energy landscapes, and green urban design technology.